The banana variety is achieved by sowing seeds of high quality. bananas that adapts easily to the ecosystem is planted.

The seeds are supervised for five or six weeks in the nursery. They are monitored daily, after six weeks in the nursery, preparing the ground to avoid flooding and are then transferred to the field where 1650 plants per hectare planted. Daily cluster is under constant observation by specialists who care for plantations. After the flower is born during the first 7 days of birth is covered with a agriobon recyclable bag, this bag used to protect the fruit from insects, dust and sun.





Disinfestation of fruit: is to apply a fungicide or disinfectant solution in such a way that ensures coverage crowns and do not allow them to cluster postharvest diseases. 

Packing boxes: This work precedes the sealing of fruit and navy and stuck it in the box. 
Once packed bananas we proceed to Tapado boxes. 

Palletizing: Is grouping the boxes on a pallet in a way that facilitates the transport, loading and unloading, while maintaining the quality of the fruit. These blades consist of 48 boxes in total, distributed in eight vertical lines.

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